At DVRC, your safety is our priority.

If you are experiencing domestic violence and are in need of support, please call our 24-Hour crisis line at 503-469-8620. If you are in life threatening danger please call 911.

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Stories of Empowerment

If you are a current or former client and have a story of empowerment or encouragement you would like to share please contact

Quotes and stories from survivors of domestic violence:

All names and identifying situations have been modified to protect and ensure confidentiality.

“…It has been a lot of help to understand how I was manipulated to make me feel that I am not worth anything…”

“…Thank you for listening and validating my experiences…”

The domestic violence victim, ‘Lucy’ came to DVRC Counseling Services. She was the victim of intimate partner violence, perpetuated in front of her children. She told us, “I didn’t know what to expect when I came to DVRC.” She came for her counseling intake and wanted to attend group sessions. She had completed more than half of the 24-week group when she asked to speak to the counseling director. ‘Lucy’ told her that the handouts and information she was receiving in group had become her “second bible.” She talked about how important it was to understand what she had been through in her nearly 20-year relationship and what her children had experienced. The she said, “I never learned how to say ‘NO.’ I never knew it was okay to set boundaries. My abuser still lives in this community and the other day I ran into him. He started to approach me and my child and I said ‘NO!’ and turned away. My child was so proud of me!” Lucy continued to come to groups, working on her own trauma, learning to identify healthy relationship skills, and build support systems for herself. ‘Lucy’ thanked us all for what she learned and for how much stronger she felt.

“Thank you for putting a roof over my head and for loving us through this hard time. I am leaving with the skills and strength to make it through the rest of my journey.”

“I am heartened to know that your beautiful spirits, generous- caring- good people, are existing out there and making themselves known. This gives me hope for myself and for my children.”

“You’ve made all of my children’s and my dreams come true.”

“I know that God works through people like you to bring joy where there would not be otherwise. DVRC has saved the lives and souls of myself and my family.”

“I am doing a lot of “deep” work in my counseling sessions. It’s difficult, yet very freeing! I hope to help others one day as you have helped us.”

“Without such a powerful resource (namely FREE one-on- one professional counseling and FREE weekly group support meetings) I seriously doubt that I would have had the courage and strength to leave my emotionally, self-destructive marriage.”

“I am forever thankful for the support and guidance that I received from DVRC.”

“Today, thanks to our one-on- one counseling sessions, and over a year of weekly ARMS meetings, I am on my way to recreating for myself a happy, healthy, emotionally safe life. It isn’t easy, but it is well worth the effort.”

“Thank you to the DVRC staff and volunteers for helping me learn how to let go of an abusive, destructive relationships. Today, I am continuing to learn how to take good care of myself mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. My future is bright, and my nightmares are gone.”

“The best year of my life has happened because I have learned how valuable I am and how I will never allow anyone to treat me disrespectfully.”

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