November 1, 2017

Monika’s House Confidential Crisis Shelter

Acquired in 1999 with the help of Community Development Block Grant funds, Monika’s House Shelter is Washington County’s only confidential domestic violence shelter, and is named in memory Monika Voits who was a victim of domestic violence that was murdered in her bed by her husband while her sons slept down the hall in January of 1999.

Monika’s House has the ability to house 7 households and provide safe and confidential crisis shelter for more than 200 adults, children, and their pets fleeing imminent physical danger from family violence each year.

Services provided by Monika’s House:

  • Confidential accommodation
  • Individual and group domestic violence support
  • Parenting groups and support
  • Children’s groups and support
  • Safety planning
  • Resource referrals
  • Advocacy and case management
  • Pet Shelter
  • DVRC 24/7 Crisis Line

Monika’s House is one of only five shelters in the state of Oregon that has the accommodations to provide shelter to pets of people seeking safety from domestic violence. Monika’s Pets Animal Sanctuary is an onsite building that is separate from the home and contains both a dog and a cat room for family pets. Companion and service animals are housed inside the home with their families.

Monika’s House Shelter Availability

  • HoH + 2 dependents

Call our crisis line at (503)469-8620 for more information.

Donations to support Monika’s House

DVRC is very appreciative of your desire to support Monika’s House. Your donations help us provide additional comforts and necessities to our clients. Please visit our donate page to see the list of current shelter needs.

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