November 1, 2017

Board Members

The DVRC Board of Directors is comprised of local community members dedicated to furthering the purpose and work of the Domestic Violence Resource Center. The Board of Directors meets monthly to develop DVRC policy. They manage our presence within the community through establishing and maintaining relationships with our stakeholders and constituent groups that are essential to supporting our mission.

If you are interested in learning more about what it means to be a member, please contact the or call 503-640-5352

Jyoti Choudhary
Originally from India, Jyoti Choudhary moved to the US over 25 years ago. She got her MBA from Bowling Green State University and works at Intel. She is inspired to work with DVRC because ‘this organization is involved in activities that matter to real people and influence real lives’. “I feel passionately about women’s issues because I firmly believe that society can only progress when women can participate through all their capabilities”, Jyoti says. Her favorite quote is by Mao Zedong- “Women hold up half the sky”.
Nicole Hough
Nicole is the founding attorney of Hough Law, a Washington County based law firm focused on assisting families and individuals with estate planning and family law matters. Nikki is a former sexual assault crisis counselor and has assisted sexual assault survivors of all ages and genders through medical exams, as well as provided support and resources for sexual assault survivors and their loved ones on crisis hotlines. She is dedicated to social justice causes and supporting the local community. When she is not working or volunteering, Nikki can usually be found reading a good book or cooking a gourmet meal.
Melanie Musial
Melanie is a Deputy District Attorney at the Washington County District Attorney’s Office. She has had a passion for working with survivors of domestic violence since college and before becoming an attorney, Melanie worked as a domestic violence advocate for a non-profit agency, assisting victims with filing restraining orders and safety planning. Melanie believes everyone in the community has a responsibility to work towards ending domestic violence and making it safer for victims to receive help. In her free time, Melanie enjoys running, cooking, and catching up on television shows.
Ashley Eddy
Ashley moved to Oregon from Colorado to attend Lewis and Clark College for her undergraduate degree in Business and Psychology. She fell in love with Oregon after college and has been working at Pacific Office Automation for the last 12 years.  Being a part of the community is an important aspect of Ashley’s life.  Domestic Violence is something that is not talked about enough and often gets overlooked and therefore the more awareness we can create around it, the more likely we are to be able to create the best programs to help survivors. Ashley wants to help create programs and raise awareness to help survivors and all those impacted by domestic violence.
Paul Munson
Paul has been in the mortgage industry for nearly two decades which has given him the opportunity to work with and serve amazing individuals both in and out of the profession. Paul's mission is to deliver the ultimate home loan experience, build strong relationships with his customers, and help people achieve their goal of owning or refinancing their home. Paul was raised in North Bend, OR and has stayed deeply involved with the community as both a homeowner and lover of the areas sports fishing, crabbing and clamming, though raising his family in the Beaverton / Hillsboro area. LoanStar Home Lending has a great history with the North Bend/Coos Bay area as it is a large part of the genesis of LSHL, with several of our founders and loan officers tracing their roots back to both North Bend & Marshfield High Schools. As a member of both of these communities, Paul is deeply involved in local athletics and an activist for the cessation and intervention of Domestic Violence in both communities. It is Paul's pleasure to be the Co- Chair of the Washington County Domestic Violence Intervention Council and to serve on the Board of Directors for the Washington County Domestic Violence Resource Center.
Juan Ugarte
Juan immigrated to the US when he was 2 years old and has lived in the PNW ever since. As a young child, Juan spent several weeks at Monika’s house; a time he remembers well. That experience, as well as his experience as an immigrant in the US, sparked an interest in improving access to resources for marginalized communities. With degrees from both the University of Oregon and University of Washington, Juan has maintained that focus in his current role as a clinic administrator at a local community health center. Yearning for another way to give back, Juan decided to join the board of directors at DVRC. He believes his ability to serve is a privilege as he gets much more than he gives. One of the highlights of his month is being able to work with his director colleagues as they wrestle with the challenges of leading a diverse organization dedicated to guiding survivors of IPV.
Manjusha Gupte
Manjusha is an academic, who has been researching and teaching in the area of public policy, global development, and gender issues for over two decades; previously in the Midwest and now at Portland State University. Her current research examines the political economy of gender violence through a comparative study of forced/ child marriage in the U.S. and the U.K. Serving on the Board of Directors at the Domestic Violence Resource Center complements her academic work with gender-based violence prevention at the community level.
Tobi Crabtree

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