DVRC is a non-profit agency providing free and confidential services to adult and child survivors of domestic violence within Washington County, Oregon and surrounding areas. We offer protective order advocacy, professional counseling, confidential shelter, 24-hr crisis line response, safety planningresource referrals, and community trainings. Our Community Advocacy office is open Monday - Friday. Our counseling office is open Monday - Thursday. For more information about each of our services, please go to the specific webpage, or contact us directly.

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                                           Potential Scam:                                               

Potential Scam using Monika's House. We have recently heard from several donors that there is a salesman going door to door selling $50 books and reporting they will be delivered to Monika's House. Monika's House HAS NOT arranged any such donation and is not connected to this individual. The man reports he is with Entrepreneur Sales Company. Please share with anyone you know we believe this has been in our county (Washington County)





Beginning January 1, 2015, DVRC will offer culturally-specific domestic violence services to immigrant communities specifically from Asia, South Asia or Southeast Asia. To be eligible for services, the individual must be currently experiencing or have recently experienced domestic violence in their Intimate Partner relationship.

SAWERA, which started as a small community-based non-profit for South Asian Women and now a program under DVRC, will provide advocacy services taking into account immigrant community's domestic violence situations under special circumstances such as immigration and visa issues, and cultural and language barriers.

We encourage the South Asian/Asian/Southeast Asian Communities in Washington County to actively engage with DVRC by volunteering, donating, and supporting this program. 

Stay tuned for more information. If you have any specific questions about volunteering or donating, contact Geetanjali Paul at 503-640-5352 OR email her at