November 2, 2017

Sponsor a Project at Monika’s House

If you’d like to increase your organization or group’s visibility as a champion for domestic violence survivors, we invite you to sponsor the renovation of a room at Monika’s House shelter. You can make a physical impact in the lives of survivors by providing a place that they can call home as they face their most critical time of need. Through the generous support of the community we can achieve an up-to-date facility that meets the needs of Washington County survivors and enable them to work for safe, healthy and productive lives. Showing your involvement through room sponsorship at Monika’s House sends a powerful message to survivors in crisis: we are a community that cares.

Room sponsorship will entail adopting a room at Monika’s House and providing and organizing for its renovation on a date of your choosing. The Domestic Violence Resource Center strives to ensure that each survivor that is sheltered at Monika’s House is provided with the most nurturing and empowering environment possible.

If you are interested in sponsoring a room or have previously sponsored a room and want to come back to update that room please contact us at

Here are the results that came from some of our past sponsorship’s:

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