Monika's Pets - Animal Sanctuary

Did you know...?

  • 71% of survivors entering shelter reported that their abuser abused or killed their pet in order to maintain power and control.*
  • Up to 40% of survivors are unable to escape because they do not know what will happen to their pet when they leave.*
  • Monika's House is the only domestic violence shelter in the Portland/Metro area that can take small family pets, even those that are not companion or service animals.

*American Humane Society, Facts about Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence

A safe place for survivors and their pets...

Inside the sanctuary

Inside the sanctuary

Monika's Pets - Animal Sanctuary started in 2010 with the completion of 5 outdoor kennels at Monika's House. Those kennels made us one of only 7 shelters in Oregon that can take pets.

In 2014, Leadership Beaverton Class of 2014 decided to help Monika's House and build the Sanctuary. They created a beautiful space for the dogs and cats of Monika's House residents.

The sanctuary is heated in the winter, cooled in the summer, completely weather-proof, and designed for dogs and cats who are fleeing domestic violence with their owners. It is the perfect size for two dogs and three cats.

All Monika's House clients who use the sanctuary have the option of using free or reduced-cost veterinary services during their stay at shelter.

To find out more about the Sanctuary or Monika's House, call (503) 469-4580.

A community effort:

DVRC could not have built the Sanctuary without the outpouring of support from the community, including:

Leadership Beaverton, Class of 2014

OnPoint Community Credit Union

Animal Aid

American Kennel Club

... and so many others who gave so generously to help survivors and their pets find safety and solace.