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DVRC will be closed 3/20/18 - 3/23/18
If you need information on protective orders, visit the Family Law Center at the Washington County Courthouse in room 112C.

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Community Advocacy

The Community Advocacy Program provides advocacy to survivors of domestic violence by providing a wide range of free and confidential services to clients.


Professional Counseling

We offer counseling services at no cost to adults and children who are survivors of domestic violence.

Confidential Shelter Services

Monika’s Housing is a 24-bed facility that provides safe and confidential shelter for those fleeing imminent physical danger.

Screening 3/20 9am-12pm for:
– Head of household with 1-2 children
– Head of household with 3-5 children

To screen, please call the crisis line 503-469-8620 or toll free 1 (866) 469-8600

Transitional Housing

Former Monika’s House residents can receive extended support while further developing their economic support and securing permanent housing at Mary Mac House.


Safety Planning

An essential service to surviving domestic violence is to create a safety plan that will keep you, children and pets safe while living in an at risk environment.

Community Education

Domestic violence can be alive in the most unsuspecting environments.  Let us help you and others understand the signs, the effects and what it means to survive domestic violence.

24 Hour Crisis Line

503-469-8620 | 1-866-469-8600





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